Okay, a lot of people criticized Disney for this movie, called it campy and ridiculous. While unbelievable, this is a true story about a horse that went on to win the triple crown and save its owner’s family business. And in a way, I identify with this movie because all my life, I’ve been behind in everything. This shows even if you start out slow, you can make it big. Diane Lane plays Ms. Chenery, a housewife with an husband who believes she should be home, in the kitchen and keeping the family running. After her mother dies, her brother insists the farm should be sold and their father placed in a nursing home because he is suffering from dementia. She decides she wants to try to save the farm and, in a coin toss with the richest man in the world at the time, loses and is stuck with a colt her brother believes will be a loser. Turns out he was wrong. This movie may not spark interest in lots of people but I identified with the struggles of wanting to make it to that finish line and inspired me to believe it’s not that far away as long as you keep moving forward. As a newly published writer, inspiration is sometimes all there is when faced with rejection letters and criticiques from individuals finding fault with your work. If you can open your mind to this concept behind this movie, you might see what inspired me to like it.



Personally, I loved this movie. Since Daniel Craig took the role over, the James Bond series seems to get more intriguing with each addition. **Spoiler Alert** Over time, I came to enjoy the role of M, played by Judy Dench. In this movie, the writers figured they should turn the trend around and return to where other Bond movies have been: under the management of a male in the lead role. M is gone but there is now a secretary named Moneypenny, and Mr. Inventor “Q” who I hope won’t start inventing outlandish gadgets like his predecessors in the other Bond movies. But back to the review. Bond has ghosts in his past, we finally get to see him as a young man and the horrors he went through. It takes away the mystery of why he was recruited into British Secret Service and why he fit in so well. Bond has demons, which is why this Bond installment is so endearing — we finally get to see what wears on his mind and know that even James Bond, while a great spy, is a wreck within his own mind. But it doesn’t make him any less glamerous. There are sex scenes but not graphic, and the villian is just as calculating as Bond, which makes him even more interesting.  Bond, in this movie, becomes … human for a spark of a moment. I loved that and this movie because of it.