This morning, at 8:30am I took my mother to have a dialysis treatment. It’s a four hour process. Rather than stay, I said “I’ll be back later”. Her response was “you coming back early?” I told her I would. She was in an upbeat mood, looking forward to getting it over with and going home. An hour later, my phone rang. It was the clinic. My mother had had a heart attack before they could start the procedure and died.

The paramedics were called but could not resuscitate her.

I hate that I left the clinic but understand it would not have made a difference. My mother had a lot of medical problems yet continued to fight to live. I have lost a parent who fought me tooth and nail about being on a salt free diet. She argued with me over so many trivial things. I thought she disapproved of me and was told, tonight, she had confided in someone that she thought I was a genius. It’s sad she could not have told me.

I lost a sparring partner today and will never be the same again.