In a Consumer Report aired today, September 23, 2015, on KCal 9, there was a report regarding eBook sales. The news reporter stated that, according to the Association of American Publishers, eBook sales for the first five months of 2015 fell by 10%. It was also reported that actual books sales from brick and mortal stores has seen an increase in actual books sold up by 20% over the past 5 years. What does that mean? Are readers treating eReaders like a fad that has run its course and want to get back to reading actual books? And what could this mean for authors who have books out only in eBook format?

This is not to say eBooks will vanish completely. Instead, the report seems to indicate people would rather have a book than an electronic book. I am one of those people. Yes, I have two Kindles and a Nook but, to be honest, the books I’ve downloaded have yet to be read. I prefer books and most come from libraries. And yes, I read them.

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