The Summer of the Plague Five survivors are thrown together on the tenth floor of an office high rise when a zombie virus puts Orlando, Florida under military quarantine. Over the long weeks of their isolation, the three women and two men will struggle to survive the epidemic and its swarming cannibals – and in that pandemonium, they will come to experience and connect with one another in ways that they would never have considered before the coming of Carrefour. The Carrefour Crisis is an erotic novel of pandemic terror and survival horror.

About the Author:

Brian Downes

Brian Downes is a writer who lives in Orlando, Florida. His novels, The Berlin Fraternity and The Carrefour Crisis, are available at Gods & Monsters on International Drive, as well as
The first is a sprawling dark historical epic about a man who hunts vampires in Germany during the world wars. The second is an erotic novel about five survivors during a zombie virus outbreak.
Mr. Downes also contributes to the website Florida Geek Scene. He will be a guest author at Spooky Empire in Orlando this October.




In a Consumer Report aired today, September 23, 2015, on KCal 9, there was a report regarding eBook sales. The news reporter stated that, according to the Association of American Publishers, eBook sales for the first five months of 2015 fell by 10%. It was also reported that actual books sales from brick and mortal stores has seen an increase in actual books sold up by 20% over the past 5 years. What does that mean? Are readers treating eReaders like a fad that has run its course and want to get back to reading actual books? And what could this mean for authors who have books out only in eBook format?

This is not to say eBooks will vanish completely. Instead, the report seems to indicate people would rather have a book than an electronic book. I am one of those people. Yes, I have two Kindles and a Nook but, to be honest, the books I’ve downloaded have yet to be read. I prefer books and most come from libraries. And yes, I read them.



Catskinner’s Book is a science fiction/urban fantasy novel set in a surreal world unlike any that you have seen before.
James Ozryck has a monster in his head.

All of his life the entity that he calls Catskinner has made him a fugitive, afraid to get too close to anyone, afraid to stay in one place for too long. Catskinner kills, without compassion and without warning, and is very good at it.

Now James has learned that Catskinner is not the only monster in the world, a world that has suddenly become a far stranger and more dangerous place than he imagined. In order to survive he will have to become something more than a monster, he will have to learn what it means to be human.

About The Author:


Misha Burnett has little formal education, but has been writing poetry and fiction for around forty years. During this time he has supported himself and his family with a variety of jobs, including locksmith, cab driver, and building maintenance.
His first four novels, Catskinner’s Book, Cannibal Hearts, The Worms Of Heaven, and Gingerbread Wolves comprise a series, collectively known as The Book Of Lost Doors.
He is currently working on a new magical realism projected called Tsarina.
Major influences include Tim Powers, Samuel Delany, William Burroughs, and Phillip K. Dick.

Other Novels By This Author:

Book Two: Cannibal Hearts
Book Three: The worms of Heaven
Book Four: Gingerbread wolves



Seeking safe harbor

The Arthur family’s four-month cruise in the South Pacific was smooth sailing… until the GPS stopped working and the radio went silent. Almost capsized in a late night, near-collision at sea, questions raced through Zach Arthur’s mind as he replayed the series of events that had recently occurred. Mainly, why would a U.S. aircraft carrier try to run them over?
* * *
Something did not feel right… and it was not. The Arthurs soon found that life as they knew it would never be “normal” again. The whole world had gone mad, and one primary questioned remained:
Would they ever find safe harbor again?

About The Author:


I would never have guessed that feisty old Faustino would have his daughter-in-law arrested to keep her away from drugs. Nor would I have known that aging movie cowboy Wyatt Wyoming would ask Santa for a horse; and what problems that would create for St. Nick on Christmas Eve. Who could foretell that a Red Chinese sub would surface in front of a sailboat seeking a safe harbor, or that its skipper was a graduate of a California university? Certainly not me.
The characters determine what happens in my books, not me. I just record what they do and say. I sit down, turn on my computer, and the characters start acting out what is apparently quite normal for them. Frankly, it’s very enjoyable. You see, I could never dream up the crazy things they do and say, yet those things are normal to them. When you read the books I publish, you’ll see what I mean.
Following a successful career as a chamber of commerce executive in California, I retired to Costa Rica and began writing. Recently, Kamel Press, LLC, a young and innovative publishing company in the Unites States, contracted to publish some of my books. They published “Even in Eden,” an epic saga of intrigue in Costa Rica (which includes Faustino and his daughter-in-law, the beautiful but twisted Yessenia), and have contracted to publish several others. The boat seeking safe harbor is one of them. Wyatt Wyoming and many other colorful characters are part of a short story collection. A few of the stories are being published in small collections (see “Great New and Fun Holiday Stories”), and the full array of almost fifty fun (and somewhat different) stories will be published when time allows.
Meantime, I continue to write (or, more accurately, record the actions and words of wonderful characters) in Costa Rica, where a large community of gifted writers reside.