The Wars of Ascension ended three years ago, but a group of soldiers want revenge on those who opposed them in Heartwood Pines. Jarrod, a young man, more inclined to farming than fighting, must choose his moral path– support the cause or save the innocent? What are the consequences of his choices? Is he only a tool for the divine?


Drought desolates the land, killing crops and cattle. With no rains in sight, the dragon priests must seed the clouds with dragon fire. The Great Appeasing commences to lure a dragon, but first they must find a mactare, a sacrifice. Abigail K’Nowel, daughter of a farmer, has what the dragon priests need. Gail B’Rile, son of a butcher, is an empath with a socially debilitating condition. It is up to Gail to save Abby from a horrific fate. (A short story)

About the Author:

Matthew Johnson

Matthew Johnson is an award winning author. He was born in Lockport, NY. He moved to California and married his wonderful wife. He writes in the fantasy and horror genre. He teaches language arts in the Fontana Unified School District.

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