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Six Dead Men, a romantic thriller that encompasses magic realism, is told in four parts, shifting between London and Manchester over a six month period in 2001.

The Six Dead Men of the title, dominate in Part One with first person accounts of their lives. They are all victims of Madie Bricot, who has the ability to kill with a kiss.

Enter Detective Chief Inspector Robert Deed who has an uncanny ability to solve cold cases others shun. Calvin Burry is one such case. Whilst interviewing Burry’s girlfriend, Madie Bricot, Deed intuits her guilt and links her to five cold cases but is confused by his immediate attraction to her. Madie’s meeting with Deed leaves her shaken. Terrified at being a suspect in Burry’s death she also begins to fear her acquaintance with other dead men is more than coincidence.

Deed determines to prove Madie’s guilt whilst battling his growing desire for her. Madie realises she has caused these deaths. She flees to Manchester. Deed follows and suddenly understands how Madie committed the murders. Deeply disturbed Deed halts the investigation and begins to doubt he can stay in the police force.

Lonely and afraid in Manchester, Madie is haunted by the dead men. Unknown to her more is Madie related deaths are occurring. On the verge of a nervous breakdown, Father O’Malley, a rebellious priest, and Sylvie, an ageing medium, shelter her.

Also in Manchester Detective Inspector Terence Ire, has clawed his way out of his working class roots. He is ruthless and led solely by his need to impose his authority on everyone.

Madie has appeared on Ire’s radar.

During Ire’s investigation of Madie his mother dies. From her personal papers he discovers his birth father is Arthur Deed. His growing resentment towards the father he feels abandoned him leads him to research relatives. He finds the existence of a half-brother, Robert Deed and realizes they share a profession. This profession links them to Madie Bricot.


Rae Stoltenkamp is a writer, blogger and former English teacher living in South London. She studied writing at City Lit with the poet Caroline Natzler and has published an e-novel, Six Dead Men. Currently she works with Inkhead Creative Writing, teaching creative writing courses for children. This has inspired her to work on a children’s book called The Lonely Dragon which is currently serialized on the Inkhead blog. She is writing and editing several projects simultaneously, including a series of YA Science Fiction novels and a prequel to Six Dead Men.



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