When Miri’s grandmother dies, she takes with her the family secret. Miri finds herself alone and abandoned in a St. Louis boarding school. But she is about to discover the secret isn’t dead. Taunted by bullies, Miri is shocked to learn she possesses a secret power. It can save her… but can it save those she loves? After she is befriended by others with the same strange, magical powers, her history comes alive. And with it, Miri’s fate becomes more dangerous. Join Miri on a mysterious and supernatural journey with her new friends, members of an underground St. Louis society known as the Partnership for Animagi, Werewolves, and Shapeshifters, better known as P.A.W.S.


About the Author:

Debbie grew up in the UK in the East London suburb of Barking. She has lived in Israel, New York and North Carolina and somehow ended up in St. Louis, where for the last 14 years she has worked as a freelance puzzle constructor of word puzzles and logic problems. She lives with her husband, two children and a very opinionated feline. She believes that with enough tea and dark chocolate you can achieve anything!

Currently the spotlighted book is being revised and set to be published again. It is currently available on the author’s website:


Turn of another wheel

In The Wheel’s Final Turn, the sequel to The Turn of the Karmic Wheel, Angela, Euclid, and Karman once again find themselves thrust front and center into the battle between good and evil.

One man finds pleasure in torturing animals; another fights the demons of past hate crimes. From the governor’s mansion to the highly competitive beauty industry to the hidden closets of memory, no one is safe from the grasp of the darkness that wants to take over the world.

Can the forces of Light find the inner strength to save humanity, or will the world fall eternal victim to evil as the karmic wheel makes its final turn?


About the Author:

Monica M. Brinkman, grew up in Pennsylvania, relocated to the West Coast and now resides in the Midwest.

Always the entertainer, she has owned a community theatre, performed as a Singing Telegram, done radio commercials, acted in plays and musicals as well as dabbling in oil and acrylic painting and worked in customer service management.

A poet at heart, Ms. Brinkman has ventured into the fiction world with the release of her first novel, The Turn of the Karmic Wheel. A mixed genere of suspense, horror, spirituality and the paranormal, it has received favorable reviews. Her latest release, The Wheel’s Final Turn, released June 2015 is the stand-alone final part of the Karmic Wheel Series. Look for her next book, Seeking Angels, to release within a year or two.

A member of The Missouri Writers Guild, Writers Center and former columnist for Authors Info, Monica’s articles and stories can be found in TheWriteroomblog, A Word With You Press, Broowaha, and All Voices, among other places. The highly rated reviews of her first novel, The Turn of the Karmic Wheel, prove that readers embrace both her creativity and unique story line. Along with writing, Monica co-hosts a weekly internet, on-camera radio show, It Matters Radio. Each broadcast showcases talented musical artists as well as authors, non-profit organizations, political/news figures or celebrities. “If we find something important and meaningful, we will bring it to our listeners.” Viewers say her hearty laughter fills the air, and, friends say, warms their hearts. A former director, singer, and actress, Monica spends her time, when not writing, assisting new talent gain exposure. She lives in Missouri with her husband, five cats, and two dogs.


Visit her web sites: On The Brink: A Touch of Karma It Matters Radio:,


Rae Book Cover

Six Dead Men, a romantic thriller that encompasses magic realism, is told in four parts, shifting between London and Manchester over a six month period in 2001.

The Six Dead Men of the title, dominate in Part One with first person accounts of their lives. They are all victims of Madie Bricot, who has the ability to kill with a kiss.

Enter Detective Chief Inspector Robert Deed who has an uncanny ability to solve cold cases others shun. Calvin Burry is one such case. Whilst interviewing Burry’s girlfriend, Madie Bricot, Deed intuits her guilt and links her to five cold cases but is confused by his immediate attraction to her. Madie’s meeting with Deed leaves her shaken. Terrified at being a suspect in Burry’s death she also begins to fear her acquaintance with other dead men is more than coincidence.

Deed determines to prove Madie’s guilt whilst battling his growing desire for her. Madie realises she has caused these deaths. She flees to Manchester. Deed follows and suddenly understands how Madie committed the murders. Deeply disturbed Deed halts the investigation and begins to doubt he can stay in the police force.

Lonely and afraid in Manchester, Madie is haunted by the dead men. Unknown to her more is Madie related deaths are occurring. On the verge of a nervous breakdown, Father O’Malley, a rebellious priest, and Sylvie, an ageing medium, shelter her.

Also in Manchester Detective Inspector Terence Ire, has clawed his way out of his working class roots. He is ruthless and led solely by his need to impose his authority on everyone.

Madie has appeared on Ire’s radar.

During Ire’s investigation of Madie his mother dies. From her personal papers he discovers his birth father is Arthur Deed. His growing resentment towards the father he feels abandoned him leads him to research relatives. He finds the existence of a half-brother, Robert Deed and realizes they share a profession. This profession links them to Madie Bricot.


Rae Stoltenkamp is a writer, blogger and former English teacher living in South London. She studied writing at City Lit with the poet Caroline Natzler and has published an e-novel, Six Dead Men. Currently she works with Inkhead Creative Writing, teaching creative writing courses for children. This has inspired her to work on a children’s book called The Lonely Dragon which is currently serialized on the Inkhead blog. She is writing and editing several projects simultaneously, including a series of YA Science Fiction novels and a prequel to Six Dead Men.




I normally refrain from giving views, or comments, about things that confound my brain. Instead, I let time, and opinions from other users, convince me to switch. It’s easier letting others do the leg work about whether a product is good or not based on their experience. This time, however, silence, or waiting for others to say what’s wrong, won’t work.

Microsoft is now tempting Window 7 and 8.1 users with a fantastic deal: free Windows 10 software upgrade. Who would not jump at such an offer? Even I thought it a great deal until watching a YouTube video on “what’s new” in Windows 10. Granted the video, presented by Joe Belfiore, Vice President of Microsoft (link provided below) harped on business end users specifically with little said about personal user versions of Windows 10. But what he did say about personal users, and Windows 10, made my jaw gap just a bit.

In home versions, according to the video, the media center no longer exists. The ability to watch DVDs, gone, and, presumably, Movie Maker and Media Player will vanish into that good night. Joe Belfiore, however, promised Microsoft would have software available later this year which would allow users, and it’s assumed personal users will be included in this, to play DVDs but did not mention whether Microsoft Movie Maker would be added back. Movie Maker is a program I use, often. It’s easy and simple to use in difference to more complicated video makers. Just knowing it might never be available again, after upgrading to Windows 10, raised the first negative vote.

The presentation by Microsoft’s VP, as said, focused on business users. Yes, it would be nice for them to have a virtual assistant to ask questions of and get answers within seconds. Oh, wait — aren’t they called ‘secretaries’? And there are  virtual assistant apps for iPhones and Android phones — forgot it was there because it’s a feature rarely, if ever, used. While cool having such a thing at one’s fingertips, the VP mentioned little about how this upgraded Windows 10 program would benefit personal users. That earned the program a second negative vote.

From the “what’s new” video, items on the new screen (from a Window 7 user’s viewpoint) appear organized and easy on the eyes. The technicians also did a nice job making Joe Belfiore look fantastic at the presentation stage. But with all he said, it was what he didn‘t say that raised, in my mind, a “don’t go for this offer” buzz. Mr. Belfiore never spoke about the new bells and whistles with respect to personal user’s creativity, ease or how stabilize the program would be on stand alones. He merely noted “Windows 10 was more secure from outside attacks”. The VP never addressed how the new items worked on older laptops that did not have touch screen capabilities.

In an article that covered future updates once Windows 10 is on a computer, it was mentioned personal users would no longer be able to pick and choose the updates they want installed on their computer. Microsoft, as far as a personal user who upgrades is concerned, can add new programming code to Windows 10, install it and there is nothing the end user can do to stop them. I happen to like having control over updates because some may be necessary but others aren’t. Outlook is one of those programs I find useless — too unstable but Microsoft sends out updates for it. If one doesn’t use a program, does an update (if you’ve erased it) have the potential of rendering a computer to the state of a paper weight. It’s one of those eye opening issues. Negative vote number three.

There is also the question concerning glitches the upgrade might wreak? Users going from XP to Vista were warned to copy files, install the program and then reinstall their data. Nothing, in this video, mentioned that possibility. And being one who has to know, with certainty, nothing adverse would happen should Windows 10 upgrade be installed, my brow dipped low. Negative vote number four.

thought bubble

The next question, at least in my mind, is why would Microsoft give this upgrade free of charge? A positive is upgrading to Windows 10 would provide free technical support should something go wrong. It’s a given Windows 7, which happens to be the OS on my laptop, has a future expiration date where Microsoft would no longer provide a person you can talk to when help is needed, reducing end users to rely on internet sites or a computer technician charging $75, or more, to evaluate the computer’s problem. So, again, what benefit would be gained as a personal user by upgrading to Windows 10? Spell it out because this user is a skeptic and been burned by upgrades one too many times to blindly accept “trust me, it works fine”. And should the program implode, nothing would be more aggravating then hearing “there is nothing we can do to solve the problem at this time” or, “hope you backed everything up because your computer’s kaput”.

Until convinced there are fuckintastic (made up word) advantages to upgrading, it will not happen. This user is not impressed with fancy stack shifting screens, robotic voices or promises of program performance that will blow my skirt up. I need to see program stability, get detailed assistance, when needed, on how to do things without chewing and spitting out nonsense. If Microsoft wants to improve something, then start with Word, their word processing program. Make execution of tasks faster and easier to apply, as well as recover when making a serious mistake. And there is Powerpoint — would love to see it become more competitive with the expensive Adobe program. Now that I would eat a bug for. But, from what’s been made known about Windows 10, I have nothing to fear with regard to eating a creepy crawler any time soon.

And my skirt has yet to be blown up by Windows 10 upgrade.

**all views in this article are my own and no one else.




Dingus Xavier has the worst luck ever. As if just being named “Dingus” were not enough, he is the red-headed son of an Elven mother and a human father.

He might also be a Berserker — and those are just the things he knows about.

Sir Vandis Vail has always been too busy serving his goddess to consider training a Squire, but when he comes across a lynch mob attacking a young man, he cannot let it stand. In obedience to his divine Lady, he takes the boy into the Order of the Knights of the Air as a Squire. Dingus Xavier, though, is far more than he bargained for: a gifted ranger, but deeply damaged by a life of abuse. Vandis does not know how to begin to help Dingus face his pain, and he cannot handle his own paternal instincts, either. When a rival religious order targets the Knights for extinction, it could be the straw that breaks Vandis’s back.

Other Books in the Saga of Menyoral Series:

Saga of Menyoral (Book Two): The Service
Saga of Menyoral (Book Three): Oath Bound

About the Author:

M.A. Ray is the pen name for Emily Snyder. She is a lover of fairy tales, comic books, classic fantasy, and power metal. They all influence her writing to some degree. M.A. Ray is an Oklahoma transplant sharing space with two kids, a husband, a cat — and a metric ton of reading material. Above all, she hopes you will like her work.

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