The Bazaar

Devany Miller’s job as a victim’s advocate roots her in reality as firmly as a person can be, which makes the offer of ‘magic sugar’ from a gorgeous salesman at a psychic fair all the more fantastic. The sugar, he tells her, will allow her to visit the exclusive vendors tucked away in the shadows beyond his tent. Indulging in fancy, she takes a taste and ventures into what she figures is a tourist trap. Then the screams begin and Devany is yanked violently into a world of butchered humans, of witches who make foolish deals with demons, and of spiders that use human skins as camouflage for their assassinations.

Devany’s normal life begins to crumble into madness as she struggles to stay alive. Her marriage falls apart. And of course, there is the little matter of the demon who has laid claim to her, and the powerful creature that wants to take her apart piece by piece to taste her soul. Despite her fear, Devany has children to protect, and she can’t sit idly by while monsters in the guise of people drag innocents to their deaths.

About the Author:


Jen Ponce is an urban fantasy author who published her first book THE BAZAAR January 21, 2014. She’s been reading since she can remember and thanks her mom for showing her how amazing books can be. She went to school in Chadron, Lincoln, and Omaha, Nebraska. She’s been writing since junior high and thinks the itch to write is akin to an obsession. Besides reading and writing, she crochets when the mood hits her, creates fun pictures on GIMP, and drinks Diet Coke. Jen, her three boys, three cats, and goldfish live in Western Nebraska despite her yearnings to live somewhere warmer. (Jen would also like to point out that the cats aren’t hers, they are her boys’ cats. She loves them but she is not a crazy cat lady—just crazy.)


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