in the shadow

In the far future, after humanity has spread across the stars, the Norse Gods ask a former companion’s help, but Loki may not be ready for another round of Ragnarok. Reluctantly drawn into the battle against the Chinese Pantheon, his connection to chaos might be all that saves the Norse Gods and humanity from destruction at the hands of an awakening elder god. Also included are preview chapters to two books.

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About the Author:

Lazette Gifford

Hello Kindle people!

I am, before anything else, an author. My life revolves around writing and writers. I am prolific and I adore all aspects of creating a new story, from the first few words of a new idea all the way to the last edit. (Yes, I love editing.) I usually produce at least half a dozen new (first draft) novels and twice as many short stories a year. So be prepared. There’s no telling where the stories might turn up if they escape. (Or maybe that’s the cats. . . .)

I write in many genres as you can tell from the list of works here at Most of my stories will be in science fiction and fantasy, but I have written young adult contemporary mystery, children’s stories and a few books on the art of writing. I have some works out by various publishers and I have recently started into the exciting world of the Indie Author. And yes, I do love it, though I am glad I had years of practice and experience with other parts of publishing before I leapt in.

I am the owner of Forward Motion for Writers and the Owner/Publisher of Vision: A Resource for Writers. I have started A Conspiracy of Authors which is a small, invitation only publishing and marketing co-op.

I look forward to hearing from some of you and I hope you enjoy my books. Have fun!