Okay, it’s that time of year when, on November 27, 2014, lots of families will get together, kitchens are busy from morning ’til night and the air in the house, for a day, is a mixture of aromas from apple, pumpkin, or whatever pie you favor. It will be topped by the scent of baked ham, roasted turkey, or chicken, if you prefer. It’s a day where you might gain a pound or two but know that someone else at the dinner table with you has also chowed down and might also gain a pound, or more, so there can be no finger pointing. Wanting to know the meaning behind this holiday, I looked it up. According to the definition of Thanksgiving on Wikipedia, it’s a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year celebrated in the United States and Canada. However, my belief centered around celebrating the fact Pilgrims were rescued from freezing and starving to death by Native Americans way back when. But whatever the reason, it’s a day to eat, celebrate without anyone interfering with your joy-of-eating fest. Then again, the bathroom scale will be glad to reveal just how much it cared about your “slurging” when you step on it the next day. Enjoy!


Then again, imagine if you were on the menu …



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Between the shadows of the human world, a war as old as time is being fought. Ageless pantheons scheme to obtain or keep control, provoked by the weight of human belief which has altered the realm of the divine.

An ancient prophecy speaks of a human woman who will alter the course of this divine war, a descendant of a Great House mired in misfortune and blood, whose history was shaped by the cruelty of the gods.

On a day as unremarkable as any other, Elena Vicens, a young woman living a seemingly ordinary life, receives a letter about a deposit box belonging to her mother, nineteen years after her mother’s death. When this letter sends her on a journey halfway across the world from New Orleans to Japan, Elena unknowingly comes into possession of a cursed inheritance. She is suddenly thrust into a world of myths and legends, where the intangible and the strange are the fabric of everyday life, and deathless gods vie for victory at any cost.

As allies converge to help Elena fulfill the prophecy, one of whom is struggling with his own inheritance, Elena must choose for herself the measure of her own destiny.

The Butterfly quest Author Eva Vanrell

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