Hello, L.M. David here. Today I am interviewing Devorah Fox, author of The Lost King. Apologies, Devorah, for the tardiness in posting this interview …

Okay, get the interview started:

Q. Welcome Devorah. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

A. The daughter of “book people,” I’ve been a bibliophile my entire life. I started writing as a teen–I remember collaborating on a novella with two girlfriends. I tackled writing a novel in the 1990s. I recall not being able to find quite the book that I wanted to read, so I decided to write it myself.

Q. Your book, The Lost King, is set in Chalklands. What is it like living in the world you created in this book?

A.  It isn’t easy. In the middle of the Middle Ages very little was preprocessed or manufactured. If you wanted something, first you had to grow it, build it, make it. If you needed socks, you couldn’t just waltz into a store and buy them. Instead you had to raise the sheep, shear and card the wool, spin the thread, knit a pair — you get the idea. Also, there wasn’t much variety and not as many options. For example, you ate what was in season and locally available. Not everyone was educated and even those who wanted to better themselves didn’t always have the means to do so.

Q. In The Lost King, your main character is King Bewilliam. What’s he like?

A. Even when Bewilliam finds himself stripped of all that made him king — his title, lands, wealth and power — he is still proud, almost arrogant. In many ways though, this quality helps him to persevere. Someone with less of a sense of self would give up in despair when faced with the challenges that he faces.

Q. The first chapter starts out with King Bewilliam lying in a field and homeless. What happened?

A. “What happened” makes up the rest of the story. Without giving away the ending, King Bewilliam is in such shock that he can’t remember how he came to be in this strange place, let alone penniless.

Q. How long does it take the king to figure out someone’s placed him under a spell?

A. He wanders around for months. He’d like to reclaim his old life, if only he could remember where that was!

Q. What is the most fascinating thing about King Bewilliam’s quest?

A. I found myself charmed by his persistence, self-reliance and inventiveness. He could have given up, looked for charity or turned to others for support. Instead he continues to strive to regain what he believes to be his place in the world and calls on his creative skills to solve problems.

Q. Is there a love interest for King Bewilliam?

A. He’s a handsome, charming, and vibrant man so yes, despite his trials and tribulations he does find time for romance too.

Q.  Will there be a sequel to The Lost King? If so, tell me a bit about it.

A. I’m working on The King’s Ransom now. I hadn’t planned for The Lost King to be part of a series but when I got to the end, I realized that there was more to tell, that King Bewilliam had more to learn and experience. Plus, fans of the book wanted to spend more time with the characters from The Lost King.

Q.  What was your favorite part in The Lost King?

A.  I like when King Bewilliam tries to rescue a “damsel in distress” only to meet the capable and independent Empress Alexandra who as proud and strong-willed as he is.

Q. Which character was your favorite, and why?

A. I like all of them as they were all inspired by people that I have known.

Q. Why set this story in the Medieval era?

A. When I started writing, I wanted to capture the plight of contemporary people who have survived a life trauma only to find nothing to “come home to” but I wanted to tell the story in a “once upon a time” fashion. As I got into the story, I realized that I was describing life in the middle Middle Ages. As one reader said about the medieval fantasy world setting, “The story could have taken place today” and that was indeed my intent.

Q. If you could go back in time, would you want to live in the age of Knights in shining armor, jousts and drafty castles?

A. Oh, no, no, no. I am a 21st century gal, no doubt about that. I love the modern conveniences, the enabling technology, and the freedom to be what I want to be.

Q. As self-published author, what has been the most challenging thing you’ve dealt with?

A. Finding time to write. Being self-published means I’m running a small business. The commercial side of writing is demanding and time-consuming. Between marketing and promotion I find that I don’t get much writing done.

Q. What advice do you have for other authors following the same path you have towards publication?

A. Read the fine print and be certain you know what you’re getting yourself into. Take advantage of tutorials and guidelines. Self-publishing can lead to expensive and disappointing results for those who don’t know what they’re doing. It was an easy decision for me because I’ve worked with publications practically my entire professional life and have been a self-publisher (nonfiction) for decades. I already knew my way around layout, resolution, distribution, etc. Those who don’t either have to expect a steep learning curve or rely on someone else’s expertise. The advantages of self-publishing are the degree of control and the speed. Self-publishers can get books into readers’ hands practically overnight!

L.M.: Thanks for the advice. And the interview.

**As a side note, after this interview was posted, Ms. Fox sent me an email stating she’d published the second book in this series entitled: The King’s Ransom and is working on the third in the series. Congrats! Oh, and she warned me to stay away from vampires …

Author Bio:

A three-time National Novel Writing Month winner, Devorah Fox has written for television, radio, magazines, newspapers, and the Internet. Before she started writing timeless fiction she edited and published the BUMPERTOBUMPER® books for commercial motor vehicle drivers as well as developer of the Easy CDL  apps for the iPhone. She has written commercial driver license test preparation guides for Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. and edited books for Techni-Com, a Canadian publisher. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she has lived in Port Aransas, Texas, since 2005. Secretary of the Rockport Writers Group, Fox writes the “Dee-Scoveries” blog at and a column of the same name for The Island Moon newspaper. She wrote her first novel in the third grade and has written several more since. The Lost King, Book One of The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam, is her first published work of fiction.

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Book Synposis:

When all you have owned, everyone you have loved, and everything you have done are gone, who are you? King Bewilliam awakens one morning to find himself mysteriously transformed from a beloved respected ruler and dragon slayer of renown to a homeless vagabond. Who cast this spell and why? His quest to uncover and break the bewitching spell and regain his kingdom sets him on a journey of adventure, romance, and self-discovery. Book One of The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam, The Lost King is a modern tale in medieval clothing.


Amanda book cover

Hello, L.M. David. This interview is with Amanda M. Lyons, author of Eyes Like Blue Fire. This is, I believe, the second author I’ve interviewed where the book is about vampires! High-five for Amanda!! Again, this was prepared last year and I offer the same apologies.

Okay, let’s get started.

Q. Welcome Amanda.  Tell me a bit about yourself.

A. I’m a writer from rural Ohio raising two kids with my fiancé and trying to do my best to teach them how to be good people. I like just about everything creative, especially books and film. I have a soft spot for B movies, horror, and films that leave you feeling really moved by the time you get finished. I’ve also never given up my love of movies, or books, that could remind you of that sense of wonder we forget about once we stop being kids. I guess maybe you could consider me a horror writer with the best of intentions?

Q.      Your book, Eyes Like Blue Fire, is about my favorite subject: vampires. Please tell me about the world you created for this book.

A. The world Eyes Like Blue Fire takes place in isn’t really all that removed from our own. We share the same cities and a lot of the same culture but there things are a bit more tied up in dreams. That’s why dreams are so important to the characters in the story. Instead of their dreams being random images and events to occupy the mind their dreams are often connection to their deeper selves and other people who are important in their lives.  Their reality is actually very dreamlike and surreal at points.

Q. The main character, Katja, is a vampire who is alone. What is her character like?

A. Katja had a very sad and tragic life before she became a vampire, for her becoming a vampire was supposed to be about moving on from that past. Instead it too became tragic. As a result she’s closed herself off from everything but the past that now consumes her. She doesn’t see a real future ahead of her no matter how much she craves happiness. She’s a tragic figure but she’s also the hero of her own story because she is strong enough to face terrible odds to reclaim her life despite her fears about losing those she cares about again.

Q. Eyes Like Blue Fire is described as not being a love story. How would you describe it?

A. This has been a challenge. I call it gothic horror novel because it’s dark and moody, there’s lots of blood, horrific events and tragedy but in the end it’s about a woman choosing her own happiness over the what ifs and the maybe I’m wrongs she’s let rule her life. As with all of my novels thus far it’s got elements of other genres to it because it’s more about the characters and their development than the scares. I want you to care about my characters so that when the scares come you can feel it the way they do. I want certain scenes to stick in mind too.


Q. The character Raven, please describe his character.

A. Raven is a writer/poet living in London after years of traveling Europe as a child. He’s the person Katja meets one night and quickly bonds with. He has an immediate connection to her and after years of being alone this startles her enough to make her run. Raven has been seeking her out without even knowing it. While Katja’s search for happiness is groundless Raven’s has a clear face and there’s a reason for that, something you’d have to read the book to find out.


Q. Eyes Like Blue Fire seems to have it all: zombies, vampires, evil, despair and hope. How did you get in a mindset to create your book?

A. I spent a lot of years being lonely and frustrated with my life even in the midst of a happy relationship with my fiancé. In a lot of ways the book was a lesson for myself. Don’t dwell on and in your past or you will lose your future. I tended to work on Eyes Like Blue Fire when I was my most upset and a lot of that got down on the page. Once I was done writing the original drafts of the book and started editing it I would listen to a lot of Goth and industrial music to set the tone.

Q.  There is a character called Zero. Nice Name. What is this individual like?

A. Zero is a bit of a grouchy old man in a young man’s body. You don’t get too far into his head in this book but in the sequel you’ll get to know more about him and his tragic life and love affair with ELBF’s villainess Marie. He’s neither human nor a vampire but some sort of immortal because of his interaction with Marie. He’s made a lot of mistakes in life but he’s also started doing what he can to make up for that. As a result he gets frustrated if people around him are making similar mistakes and missing the big picture. He’s very directed and wants to do his best to keep being a positive influence.

Q. Are you currently working on a sequel to Eyes Like Blue Fire? If not, what is your current work in progress?

A. I actually started the sequel several years ago on a burst of inspiration brought about by what I’d achieved while editing ELBF. The first draft is at the halfway mark and yes, I do have plans on finishing it up so that I can get it out there too. Cool Green Waters (as it’s tentatively titled at the moment) will feature a lot more about Zero and Michael as they seek out Anton’s last apprentice Mateo. It also tells us how things are going with Katja and Raven. I think there will be a lot of surprises for fans of ELBF. You learn quite a bit about how Marie’s influence has affected others, meet some new vampires, explore the characters a bit more and also run into some surprises about characters in the first book. I like what I was able to do with ELBF but I feel like Cool Green Waters achieves so much more both because I wrote it when I was a much more polished writer and there is so much more to explore and discover.

Q. What about your world of vampires will attract readers?

A. There are a few things actually. My vampires are a bit more human. What do I mean by that? They have a much more natural way of seeing things and interacting with the world they live in. Now for some of them (like Marie) this means being cruel and sadistic because she’s out of touch with life as a whole. For Katja it means that she has a hard time coming to grips with how tragic her life has been and she’s afraid to move on. I think it makes it easier to sympathize with them.

My vampires are also a bit different from other vamps. Mirrors are a lot more horrific than trivial for them, they aren’t inherently evil so crosses mean nothing to them, they are sensitive to holy water but this has more to do with allergens than religion.

They also have some physical traits that make feeding and sex very different. I won’t go too much into that but it does open them up to all sorts of experiences that are unexpected.

Q. Which character was your favorite?

A. Over time my favorite character has changed. In a lot of ways Katja and Raven are based on me and my way of seeing things over time. So initially, they were my favorite characters because they were clearer to me than the others. Now I’d say it would be characters like Zero and Mateo who learn from their mistakes.

Q. Which character turned out to be your least favorite?

A. Becca, I’m still not sure I got her right. She needed to be endearing but very flawed.

Q. If your book were being made into a movie, who would you get to play Katja, Raven and Zero?

A. I’d want them to be played by unknown actors so that they weren’t changed by actors’ previous roles and reputations. So that they became the characters instead of overwhelming them.

Q. What has been the hardest part about self-publishing your work?

A. Two things. Deciding to do it and getting together the confidence to do the self-promotion involved. When I first started writing I was told in many books how self-publication was giving up and that it meant you couldn’t be taken seriously. It was hard to let go of that representation especially because it only recently started to be universally understood that self-publication was just another market for publication. It helped that I was able to see so many other writers doing it and becoming successful. As far as self-promotion…well I’m very introverted so it feels really alien to go out there and essentially be telling people ‘come read my book you’ll love it!’ It feel like bragging in a way and I’m not used to that. I do enjoy interviews though. They’re very fun!

Q. What advice would you give writers who are struggling to get into the publishing world?

A. Don’t give up! It will take a lot of effort and you will feel like it’s never going to turn out at times but it will be worth it when you get what you want from your work.

L.M. David: Thank you for doing the interview. I wish you the best with your book because, again, vampires are my favorite.

Author’s Bio:

Amanda M. Lyons is a longtime fan of horror and fantasy. She writes character driven novels that while influenced by her darker interests, can also be heavily laced with fantasy, romance, history and magic. Amanda M. Lyons has lived her whole life in rural Ohio where she lives with her fiancé and two children. Eyes Like Blue Fire is her first novel.

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Synopsis Blue eyes Like Fire: Katja is a vampire who has lost sense of herself and her value in the world. Lost, broken and damaged she wanders the streets of Europe hoping to find some sense of purpose beyond the death and tragedy she has always known. Betrayed by her sire and left alone in the night she is startled to discover herself forming a connection to a young man who shares a close resemblance to her master and lover. Though everything in her begs her to stay with him she flees only to come running back to save him when a sadistic monster from her sire’s past comes to destroy the only hope she has had in 300 years.

Katja and Raven will face many horrors among them Renfield style zombies, ghosts and the undead. This is also the first in the series Broken Edges.


ImmortalCraving bookcover

Hello, L.M. David here. It’s Monday, again and this time I am interviewing Magen McMinimy, Author of Immortal Craving, which is the second book in her Immortal Heart series. This interview, like the others, was done last year. I, again, issue an apology to Magen for not posting this sooner and hope she can forgive me.

Welcome Magen. Let’s get this interview started.

Q.  Tell me a bit about yourself.

A.  I grew up in Northern California (Sonoma County… yes that is what is known as the wine country now). Now I live in Northern Idaho, and have been here for nine years now and couldn’t imagine leaving.

 Surprisingly enough I wasn’t an avid reader when I was younger and really only found my passion for reading, and eventually writing, a few years ago. I’m married and have been for almost seven years now. My husband and I love camping in the summer and I look forward to the first snow fall every year; it’s magical.

I’ve battled with some medical issues, thankfully none of which have been life threatening. In 2010, I woke up to find I had lost the vision in my right eye. I wish I could say that had been a shock, but I’ve known since I was nine years old that this was a possible outcome. I am now considered legally blind. I mention every time I tell my story that legally blind and actually blind are very different things. I can still see. That was around the time I started writing, it was a hobby that became a passion that occupies a massive amount of my time.

Q. You are an inspiration in that you stayed true to what you wanted to do. Well done. Now about your book, Immortal Craving. It is the second book in a series you’ve written, which is Immortal Blood. Give us a brief summary of your first book.

A. Immortal Blood was the first book in my Immortal Heart Series. It followed one of the five Elite Light Fae Warriors, who protect humans from the Dark Fae. Bain and Izzy were the main characters in it and here’s the blurb from Immortal Blood…

 “A perfect night on the town turns out to be her worst nightmare. A date with a handsome man is the catalyst for events that she thought only happened in fairy tales. Thrust into a world of danger, Isabelle has no idea what is in store for her as the Light and Dark Fae fight over her future.

Isabelle Moreno is a young woman working her way through life, finding little time for love and adventure. Until she agrees to a date with a mysterious stranger, only to find out the secrets this man holds are something she could have lived her entire life without knowing. The Dark Fae Luck Eater has found something enticing in Isabelle’s humanity.

Bain is an arrogant playboy and an Immortal Light Fae Warrior. He and his four brothers fight for the safety of the human race while remaining something of myth. After weeks of tracking the Dark Fae Luck Eater, Bain comes across yet another victim, Isabelle.

Bain has finally found his match in this feisty human as she fights against him and her ever growing attraction to the Immortal who is bound to protect her. 

Q. Nice. What is the plot of Immortal Craving?

A. Immortal Craving follows Kale, the youngest of the warriors and introduces a lot of new creatures to the series. It’s a story about how lies and betrayal from his past find a way of changing his future.

Q.  In Immortal Craving, the main character is Kale, a young Light Fae Warrior sent to protect the Human World. What is he like?

A. Kale is awesome. He’s a free spirit, who has found that the rules and expectations cast upon him as one of Rowan’s (the Light Fae Queen) warriors don’t fit into the way he handles pain and loss. Kale to me is like the little brother I wish I’d had. He’s heroic and patient and loving. He’s a character that I think is probably hard not to fall in love with… does that sound conceited? Lol

Q. The character, Katarina, is living among humans. What is her character like?

A. Katarina is a Dark Fae Succubus, she beautiful and has been through a massive amount of crap in her life, so she’s tough and unyielding.

Q. Does the human world know about the Fae world or that its warriors protect them?

A. No everything Fae is hidden from the humans.

Q. Describe the Fae world you created.

A. That’s a tough without going into major detail, but the simple answer is there’s our world, the Human World. There’s the Middle World, which is split between the Dark and Light Fae. Darion is the ruler of the Dark and Rowan is the ruler of the Light. They have thinly veiled agreement in their world which allows them to exist mostly in peace. And the only thing the two agree on is that Humans can’t know about the World of Fae. Finally there is the Under World, which is ruled by the immortal three (sisters). They rule the Light half of the underworld, and the Immortal Four (brothers) rule the Dark half of the Underworld.

Q. Is it difficult to create a fantasy world, the characters and creatures that live in it?

A. The short answer is YES. I’ve done a ton of research in all forms of mythology to help me build my foundation. Then I just let my mind go wild. That’s one of the great things about fantasy and paranormal, there are no real rules (as far as I am concerned)

Q. What is Patron?

A. LOL, it’s the best tequila out there!

Q. Party people! Are Immortal Blood and Immortal Craving connected? If so, how?

A.  Yep, they are the first two books of what will be at least a five book series.

Q. What was your favorite part in Immortal Craving?

A.  Hmmm, that’s tough.  I love all the elements in this book, but it’s the interaction between the characters that are most important and probably my favorite parts.

Q. Which character is your favorite?

A. I love them all!  But in this book, it would be Kale. In the next book it will likely be Loathar and in the first book, it was Bain.

Q. Which character is your least favorite?

A. Ooh, I don’t know. In this series I love even the villains.

Q. If Immortal Craving were made into a movie, who would you want to play Kale and Katarina?

A. I answered this question on a blog post a little while ago and I chose Ian Somerhalder for Kale and Keira Knightly for Katarina… I also chose Chris Hensworth for Bain and Jessica Alba for Izzy.

Q. Why did you choose to self-publish Immortal Blood and Immortal Craving?

A. Simply put, I am impatient. I’ve self-published everything else I’ve written and love the Indie community, as well as being a part of it.

Q. What other titles have you published?

A. Quite a few actually: My Half-Blood Princess Series has eight books and one Novella. I’m working on the second book in my North American Pack series. I have a YA series (Twins of Aurora) with one novel and one Novella. And then the two books in my Immortal Heart Series.

Q. You are prolific. What advice do you have for authors considering self-publishing?

A. Do it right…. I learned this the hard way. Get an editor ( I can recommended a great one) and become active in the Indie community. Network with other authors, send out ARC’s of your book for feedback. And most importantly remember ( and this is true for traditional publishing) not everyone will love what you write, so take criticism without anger. And let the bad reviews you may get help with the next book your write. Also, make time to connect with the people who love your writing; they are the encouragement we all need when following our dreams!

L.M. David: That is great advice. Thanks for doing the interview and I wish you the best!

Author’s Bio:

I kind of like to think of myself as a normal lady living a semi normal life. I’m not sure that’s all that accurate; I have a sweet husband and two dogs-my girls- that I think of as my children. I grew up in Sonoma County, California and I never pictured myself moving. Funny because now I live in North Idaho and I love it here, I love the summers; camping, BBQ’s with friends, and the farmers markets. I find the winters magical and I love the snow. I left a lot of amazing friends and an amazing extended family in California, but I met my now husband a few months after the move and was married to him in June of 2006. In 2008 I finished college and became a wedding planner. I love a good party and I live to decorate and make things beautiful and amazing for those around me. I started writing as a hobby. I’ve been one of those people who are obsessed with the world of the paranormal for as long as I can remember. I self-published my first book in August of 2011 at my husbands’ urging.

Life is a constant balance of what we want and what we need. It’s also a lot like a Battle; a battle that we all have to fight in our own way. I chose to try and love and cherish every minute that I get to chase my crazy dreams and create worlds and characters to fall in love with.

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