Hello, L.M. David interviewing Nikki Broadwell author of The Wolfmoon. This interview is part of a Blog Tour conducted by Saskia Book Services. Because this is part of a tour, the usual blurb will not be added.

Welcome Nikki. Let’s begin with a little background information.

Q.  Tell me about yourself.

A.  I live in Tucson, AZ, love the outdoors and hiking with my dog–my husband, dog and cat  travel to Portland, Or. in the summer since we moved from there a year ago and miss the rain! I pretty much write full time, working on another book featuring a peripheral character in Wolfmoon Trilogy as well as a story about a shape-shifting coyote inspired by the desert.

Q.  What is The Wolf Moon about?

A.  I call it a Celtic fantasy because it takes place in a parallel world somewhere in the Highlands of Scotland and features the Celtic pantheon of gods and goddesses. It is a story spanning three generations of strong women who are waiting for a prophecy to be fulfilled. It is a quest, a romance and a coming of age story starting in 1984. The last book, The Wolf Moon, is a stand-alone story that takes place in Scotland in 2009. Simply put it’s the story of a modern woman thrust into a magical realm that is being taken over by dark forces and it’s her job to rectify the problem!

Q.  Since The Wolf Moon is the third in a trilogy, would you give a brief description of the other two books: Moonstone and Saille The Willow.

A.  The Moonstone is the story of Maeve’s (protagonist in The Wolf Moon) mother, Finna who is newly pregnant and has left her husband. Catriona, Finna’s mother, shows up out of the blue (Finna thought she was dead) and tells Finna she needs to have her baby blessed by the moon goddess–and so the story of the Otherworld begins…Twenty some years have passed when Saille, the Willow begins–it’s the story of Finna’s baby grown up and some very strange happenings that point to a future she didn’t choose. And along the way she falls in love!

Q.  Tell me about the character Maeve Lewin.

A.  Maeve is a twenty-four year old modern woman living in Milltown, Mass, who has a job in an art gallery. She’s been told that her mother is dead and knows nothing about her relatives living in Scotland which leads to a lot of anger toward her father, Alex.

Q.  The character Harold seems a bit ominous. What is his character like?

A.  When The Wolf Moon begins, Maeve and Harold have become lovers. He’s an accountant who has quit his job and feels restless and uprooted with no direction to his life. His plan to join Maeve in Scotland for the New Year puts him directly into the unfolding drama.

Q.  Where did you get your inspiration for The Wolf Moon?

A.  The series began from a prompt in a writing class and basically wrote itself!

Q.  Which character was your favorite?

A.  I like all the characters…I have a few peripheral ones who make me laugh, like Duncan, a man who is in The Moonstone and also featured in The Wolf Moon

Q.  Which character was the toughest to create?

A.  Probably Brandubh, the main antagonist who is a priest gone bad. I felt that I had to find his motivation and explain it in order for him to be believable.

Q.  The character Maeve first appeared in Saille the Willow. How has her character evolved in this book?

A.  She starts out as a somewhat naive woman and has to grow in order to fulfill her destiny.

Q. What is your favorite genre and why?

A.  I love fantasy because it is so freeing to write! I also read a lot of fantasy and enjoy visiting imaginative worlds that take me away from this one. When I write I’m also taken away and sometimes feel as though I’m reading rather than writing!

Q. What is your current work in progress?

A. The main one is called Temple of the Moon and features Gertrude, a fairly important character in Saille as well as in The Wolf Moon. This new story is told in the first person and is a fantasy/romance that takes place in a made-up world in the year 2450. I’ve also started a desert story, as I mentioned earlier, featuring a shape-shifting coyote who wants to be human and falls in love with a woman…

Q.  If you could be one of your characters in The Wolf Moon, which would it be and why?

A.  I might want to be Airmid, the healing goddess, since she lives in the woods and gathers herbs and knows all about them–plus she has powers and presides over a healing spring that brings the dead back to life!

Q.  What about your series do you believe will draw readers to it?

A.  The books are character driven and the story is intriguing and ‘a page turner’, from what I’ve heard from several readers–And it is  woman’s story with strong female characters. Several love stories weave their way through the narrative. I would say anyone who enjoys fantasy with these elements will like the books.

Q.  Do you have any advice for writers looking to get published?

A.  Get your book edited!

L.M. David: That concludes this interview. I have been authorized to offer a FREE eBook copy of The Wolf Moon to one of my blog readers. This offer is good 6/20/2013 only. If you would like to have a chance at receiving a copy, please post a comment at the end of the interview. The winner’s name will be passed on to Saskia Book Services and they will contact you with instructions on how to claim the prize.

Author’s Bio:

Nikki Broadwell is a full time writer, working on a sequel to Wolfmoon Trilogy and another desert southwest story when she isn’t walking her standard poodle or doing yoga. Her interest in fantasy started when she first learned to read, Alice in Wonderland being one of her favorites. She and her husband of over thirty years live in Tucson, Arizona, moving to Portland, Oregon for several months in the summer with their dog and Eesa, the cat.

Author Links:

Amazon Paperback: Wolf-Moon-Book-Wolfmoon-Trilogy/dp/0615765009/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1371737005&sr=1-2&keywords=nikki+broadwell

Amazon Kindle The-Wolf-Moon-Wolfmoon-ebook/dp/B00DDHA1FG/ref=tmm_kin_title_0/188-2924944-2651235?ie=UTF8&qid=1370341611&sr=1-3

Nikki Website



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