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Here is a bit of trivia for you. The answers are posted under Interesting Facts, section entitled Trivia Answers(1)

1. Who used to say, “Goodnight, Gracie?”

2. Who asks the question, “Can we talk?”

3. Which comedian “Got no respect?”

4. Can you name the five original Marx Brothers?

5. Which of the Three Stooges had the shortest hair?

6. He played God in two movies.

7. What was Earnestine’s occupation?

8. Who originated the nutty-professor?

9. Fat Albert is associated with who?

10. What was radio’s celebrated tightwad?

11. How did the original Saturday Night Live show always begin?

12. On Star Trek, what color did security officer’s wear?

13. In Ghostbusters, who said “He says he’s Othos, the key master.”

14. Who did the voice of the computer on the original Star Trek series?

15. In the original movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, where did Klatu land his ship?

16. Name the original three actors who played in the show “Three’s Company”.

17. Which actress played Wonder Woman on television.

18. Lee Majors played the Six Million Dollar Man. Who played the bionic Woman?

19. What actor first played James Bond in the movie franchise?

20. What was the first Marvel comic book to be made into a movie?


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