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Hello, this is L.M. David and today I am interviewing Catrina Barton, author of Dangerous Temptation which is the first book in her Caspian series. The cool thing is Catrina’s a martial arts instructor who brought along nunchaku. Vampyres may have speed and agility, but Catrina whipped Preston every which way to Sunday with those things. I got so excited, I pulled out some pom-poms and cheered her on.

Of course he got back at me later by tossing flour, sugar, and toilet paper on my car before wetting and allowing it bake in the sun. Who said vampyres had a sense of humor?

Okay, let’s get started.

Q. Tell me a bit about yourself.
A. Wife, mother, Kung Fu Instructor, author, amateur belly dancer, who adores tigers and being out in nature.

Q. Dangerous Temptation is a NA, New Adult, book. Briefly describe what it’s about.
A. Seventeen year old Kaitlin Sinclair is about to have her life changed forever by an enticing stranger, and a prophecy she knows nothing about.

Q. New Adult is a fairly new genre. What is the difference between and New Adult and Young Adult books?
A. New Adult is as fast paced and thorough as YA, but focuses more on college aged issues like leaving home for the first time, marriage, ect.

Q. The main character in Dangerous Temptation is Kaitlin. Tell me about her.
A. Kaitlin has had a rough life and because of it is more mature than most 17 year olds. She’s a daddy’s girl who just lost her father overseas and has to move halfway across the world.

Q. Tell me about the character Cadmon.
A. He is the new leader of the Caspians {tiger shifters}. Cadmon returns from a 5 year sabbatical during which he’s been searching for something he never found, while coming to terms with his twin sister’s murder.

Q. How would you describe the character Payne?
A. He loved Katie at one point, but since he’s ready to journey into adulthood he wants to keep his options open, but keep Katie as a back-up.

Q. After being orphaned, what happens to Kaitlin?
A. She has to live with an uncle she never knew she had. While there she discovers her parents kept some serious secrets from her and has to deal with that and many other issues.

Q. What is intriguing about Uncle Nigel?
A. Nigel has many issues of his own to face {like watching his father killed in front of him} and he’s a control freak, but his son doesn’t want to follow his orders. Now his niece is in his grasp and his plans for revenge are close at hand.

Q. Dangerous Temptation takes place in Indonesia. Have you personally been there?
A. No, but I did a ton of research from Borneo rainforest which spans Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunai and research about Kinabatang River and how the locals live and what their biggest industries are.

Q. What about Dangerous Temptation will draw readers to it?
A. Most reviews so far say it’s Kaitlin, Cadmon, and their romance. One YA reviewer said “It wasn’t suspense, it was adventure and you don’t see that in many adult books let alone a YA. It was neat and very easy to get caught up in.”

Q. When writing Dangerous Temptation, what did you do to create the world of were-tigers?
A. I took all my research about Borneo and Tigers and added a healthy dose of imagination.

Q. If Dangerous Temptation was made into a movie, who would you want to portray the characters Kaitlin and Cadmon?
A. Funny enough this is a question I’m asked a lot. Kaitlin would be hard to cast because she’s half Asian and Half American. There just aren’t many actress to choose from for her. Yuna Itto would be my ideal Kaitlin and Josh Halloway would be my ideal Cadmon. I even know who would be perfect for Nigel and Merc.

Q. What was the hardest part about writing this book?
A. How much time it took away from my family and all the revising.

Q. Dangerous Temptation is a self-published work. Why did you decide to do that?
A. I like the freedom of having final say in everything from cover art to what stays in the story and what is cut from it. I also liked working at my own pace without feeling rushed. I work bi-weekly with a ton of published {traditionally and self} and unpublished authors, all of whom complimented Dangerous Temptation and were impressed with it.

Q. Will there be a sequel to Dangerous Temptation?
A. Absolutely. I am working on two sequels, possibly more. We shall see which characters demand their stories be told as I finish those two up.

Q. What words of inspiration would you give to writers just starting out?
A. Never give up. Learn to accept the harshest feedback gracefully. Always be true to yourself.

L.M. Well that concludes the interview. Catrina, thanks for stopping by and allowing me to keep the nunchakus. Now, I’m off to find a carwash.

Author’s Bio:
Catrina Barton is a real go-getter who, in 2006, turned her avid reading addiction (one she developed at the age of three) into a vigorous passion for writing. Especially Young Adult Romances. She draws on her knowledge as a Kung-Fu Instructor to make her fight scenes both realistic, and action packed.

When not indulging her fertile imagination to craft stories for your reading pleasures, she enjoys hiking with her family, and amateur belly dancing.

Her love of writing, and her family, rival her exhilaration from helping fellow writers. She is a proud member of many writing, and marketing groups, and an active participant at Critique Circle, and several other crit groups. She also writes reviews for Safari Heat, and Satin Sheets Romance.

Favorite personal quote:
“An author cannot grow without both constructive criticism and encouragement.”

Author Links:
Blog: Kitty’s Inner Thoughts
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