emoticons crying

1.  Always remember that the final judgment on anything you’ve written is yours and yours alone.

2.  Consider each comment or suggestion carefully, on its own merits – regardless of who or where it came from. If it makes sense, follow it. If not, ignore it.

3.  Remember that the same person can be absolutely right about certain aspects of a piece and dead wrong about others.

4.  Never take any criticism of your work personally. Your story is being criticized, not you. People who criticize you on the basis of your work are being both rude and childish.

5.  No matter how certain some people may be about their views, and no matter how hard they may push you to accept them, you never have to do, or agree with what they say.

6.  When seeking criticism, try to get feedback from at least two different people. Ideally, these should be people you trust, as well as the kind of readers your piece is meant to reach.

7.  Keep in mind that some people’s comments, or reviews, may be downright ridiculous. Don’t take bizarre criticism, or bizarre praise seriously.

8.  Never contact the individual who criticized your work to argue with, or complain. This only makes you look petty and childish. You should, however, write to correct factual errors in the review if any exist.

9.  Try to not get angry.

10. Keep in mind that nothing you write will ever please everyone.

11. Consider the source. Are the ones criticizing your work published authors or just individuals who get off voicing their misery on you because of their inability to get where you are.

Lastly, believe in yourself and your work. In the end, be proud of what you’ve created, that you’re in the 1% of the 99% who actually published what they wrote. And to those who doubt you, tell them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine!

I’m sure I will get hate mail for that last statement!



  1. Excellent advice. I find reviews interesting in that for every review where someone doesn’t like something about one of my books; someone else likes the book for the opposite reason related to the original negative review. You can’t please everyone 🙂

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