Hopefully, these words of wisdom with help cope with rejection of your work. Remember, what one publisher rejects, another will embrace.
1. Always remember that only the piece you submitted has been rejected, not you as a person or as a writer unless you self published.

2. Never forget that getting rejected is a natural part of being a writer. I doubt there is one writer on this planet who hasn’t had their work rejected at least once.

3. Remind yourself that pieces get rejected all the time for all kinds of reasons, some of them having nothing to do with the pieces themselves. Just because an editor says “no” doesn’t mean the work isn’t well done or worth reading.

4. Don’t let rejection shake your faith in a piece, or in your writing ability in general. If you believe in your work, keep submitting it.

5. Be patient.

6. Persevere. You might submit something thirty, forty or even fifty times before finding an editor who says “yes”.

7. Encourage yourself by reminding yourself regularly of your skills and achievements as a writer.

8. If you’ve received any of the following, put them in a prominent place where you can see them to serve as reminders: acceptance letters, rejection letter that phrase your work or your writing ability, etc.

9. When a piece is rejected, don’t let it gather dust. Resubmit to another publisher.

10. Keep several, or more than several, copies of each piece in circulation at once to maximize the chances of success.

11. Don’t get discouraged. Remember, Stephen King got rejection letters too.

12. Keep writing as well as you can. The most effective sure for the rejection blues is to be the very best writer you can be.


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