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Hello, this is L.M. David. Today I am interviewing Jill Sanders, author of Finding Pride and Discovering Pride. I am impressed with today’s guest in that our vampyre pest presented her with a bouquet of peach colored roses and he gave me a solitary red rose. For a moment, I believed I had wronged him and that it was time to cut him some slack — that’s when a bee came out of the flower and stung me on the nose …

Okay, now that my face of no longer swollen, let’s begin the interview.

Q.  Welcome to my little splotch on the planet, Jill. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

A.  I grew up in a large family on a farm in Washington State and LOVE the northwest area. I currently live in East Texas with my husband of nineteen years and two teenage boys. I’ve worked in the computer industry for over sixteen years.

Q.  Okay, we are covering two books here, so let’s start with Finding Pride. Megan, the main character, has had a horrible life. Tell me about her character.

A.  Megan has just come out of an abusive marriage. She is looking to start a new life, wanting a second chance. She’s an intelligent woman who was thrown into an abusive relationship and didn’t quite know how to escape.

Q.  In the book, Megan had a brother named Matt. What happened to him?

A.  Megan’s brother Matt had raised her since she was young. He was much older than her and after she married, he had moved to Pride. At the beginning of the book, Matt dies in a car accident. Out of something dark and sad, Megan was given an opportunity for a fresh start.

Q.  When creating the character Megan, why include physical abuse from an ex-husband as one of the factors for her leaving him?

A.  One in four women (25%) has experienced domestic violence in her lifetime. This is always a deep subject to conquer. For these women, I chose to show a happy ever after in Megan’s story.

Q.  Does the city of Pride actually exist?

A.  No, Pride doesn’t exist anywhere but my head and heart. It’s a mix of my small home town and the group of family & friends I grew up with. Also, it’s part of a town I would love to live in now. I think every person should have a network of ‘Pride’ people to help them out through rough spots in their lives.

Q.  Let’s dive into the character, Todd Jordan. What is this individual like?

A.  Todd has had a pretty rough last couple of years. After losing his father, he had to take over his family business. Then, his high school sweetheart whom he married, died of cancer while pregnant with their child. Matt, Megan’s brother, was his best friend and business partner.

Q.  In Finding Pride, what were your favorite moment(s)? And your least favorite moment(s).

A.  I loved writing about the small town and the fun people in it. I enjoyed the action scenes as well as the love scenes.

My least favorite moment… hmmm. When I had to edit my writing – ha ha ha.

Q. Okay, let’s move to Discovering Pride. The main character in this book is Lacey Jordan. Is she related to Todd Jordan and, if so, what’s her connection to him?

A.  Lacey is Todd’s younger sister. She is a spit fire girl who runs her brothers like she runs her families restaurant business. She has a knack of seeing what no-one else can, and the ability to control the outcome, except when it comes to dealing with Aaron.

Q.  Give me a little insight into your Lacey character.

A.  Lacey is a small town girl. She loves the town and the people in it, and feels like she is in control there.

Q. The love interest, Aaron, is a doctor taking over his grandfather’s practice. Tell me a bit about this character.

A.  Aaron’s grandfather has been the doctor in Pride forever. His son moved away from the small town and became a success. Aaron’s parents were so selfish in their lives, he was nothing more than a burden to them. So, being raised by boarding schools he only got to spend a few weeks a year with the only man who showed him what the word family meant. His grandfather. Naturally, he decided to take after him and become a doctor. Living in the city, he was about to marry a women he found out, was just like his parents. Cold hearted.

Moving to Pride, he changes his life. He buys a rundown house and builds it into something he has always wanted. A home.

Q.  As a romance writer, what is the most difficult scene for you to write? What is the easiest?

A.  I don’t find any particular scenes hard to write. I enjoy writing them all. I think the easiest is the descriptive writing. I can just close my eyes and see what I want and the words come to me.

Q.  You are a self-published author. Would you mind telling me why you choose this option over traditional publishers?

A.  Yes, I’ve chosen to self-publish my books at this time. To be honest, a few years back I started to submit Finding Pride to publishers. I didn’t like all the hoops they wanted me to jump through to just submit my book.

Amazon and Smashword has made it very easy for authors to self-publish. I decided to take a chance. I’ve enjoyed meeting lots of other Indie Authors during this journey.

Q.  What has been the hardest part of self-publishing?

A.  Editing and promoting are the hardest part of self-publishing.

Q.  What is an average day for you like?

A.  I spend a lot of time on my computer. Whether it’s reading, writing, responding to others or posting on my blog. I also do computer programing for a living. I enjoy walking with our dogs or playing basketball with our kids.

Q.  What advice do you have for other writers who are contemplating self-publishing?

A.  The first lesson I learned was edit edit edit… I’ve finally found a group of people to help me with this process. It’s funny, you can read your own book a hundred times and never see the misspelled words. But, someone else can swoop in and catch them all. Find a group of people who can help you with this process. It is invaluable.

Author’s bio:

Jill Sanders is an Independent American Contemporary Romance Author. She grew up in a small town in Washington State on a farm with six siblings. Her love for the North West area helps her write about its great characteristics and friendly people. She currently lives in Texas with her husband of almost nineteen years and two teenage boys.

She self-published her first book, Finding Pride, on October 20, 2012. Book two, Discovering Pride, was just released on January 31, 2013.

She is very active in the indie-author community and helps support other indie-authors on her blog.

Author links:




Facebook Author’s page:

Twitter:  @prideseries


Book excerpts:


Megan Kimble was traveling a long way to find the next chapter in her life, one that would not include her brother Matt. Losing him now was tragic, even more so since she had finally freed herself from the abuse and the shame of a bad marriage. She’d spent years hiding things from Matt, so he wouldn’t know about her horrible life. Keeping her secret world of bruises, cuts, and broken bones, much like the one she now sported with a large white cast.

Dealing with her loss was hard, but, now she was thinking of taking over Matt’s new business venture. This could be the fresh start she needed, a new town, a new place to forget the pain and maybe she could learn to trust again.

Todd Jordan was a successful businessman, who had once lost it all, and now he’d just lost his best friend and business partner. But, then she came into town broken and scared, and for the first time in a long time he was looking forward to his future. Breaking down Megan’s barriers would take patience and strength, and he would need that strength to keep what he loves safe.



Lacey Jordan was a woman who knew what she wanted… and she wanted nothing to do with the new doctor in town. He had the perfect smile, perfectly tan muscles and a way with people. Her people. This was her town, her family, her life, and he’d come in and shaken everything up, including her heart.

Aaron was running away from a hard breakup where more than just his heart had been broken. At this point all he wanted to do was take over his grandfather’s medical practice, and work on his new house, turning it into the first place he could call home. He liked the town of Pride, in fact he’d spent the only good parts of his childhood here. What he hadn’t expected was to bump into a fairy goddess. Bumping hard enough to get a concussion and have his heart mended at the same time.

Then, the town gets a visit that will change their lives forever, if they can survive.

Coming soon: Returning Pride (Book three in the Pride Series)

Returning Pride

Iian Jordan runs a successful restaurant that has been in his family for generations. He has a large beautiful house that overlooks the shoreline and his hometown. Why then, did he feel like something was missing? And he wasn’t talking about his hearing, which he’d lost in a tragic accident over ten years ago.

No, what he was missing was the person who’d just driven back into town. Someone he’s always loved from afar. Now, was when he needed to step up and grab what he wanted, before she gets away again.

In the past two years, Allison Adams has made a name for herself in the art world. Now, all she wanted was some peace and quiet from all hassles and pressures of her demanding career. Some time to get back to her roots and focus on painting. But, when she arrives home, she finds her mother trapped in an illness that consumes her every waking moment.

Just when she thinks she knows the path she wants to follow, everything is taken away from her in one night and she is being stalked by a mad-man. But, with the help of the good people in her hometown, and an old flame, she finds that returning home for good was the best thing that could have happened to her.





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