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This is L.M. David. I am interviewing Kerry Connelly, author of Observation City. Welcome, Kerry. First, I apologize for conducting this interview in a parking lot but due to a dispute with Preston – he decided to remind me who is the boss, the created character or the creator. The vampyre somehow managed to get ahold of the keys to our building and he’s filed each down to little nubs. Since we have no means of getting inside, we will remain out here until a locksmith shows up. So let’s relax on these lawn chairs, soak up some vitamin D and get your interview started…

Q.  Tell me a little bit about yourself.

A.  I’m an English born Australian author who changed careers at 27yrs old, now enjoying being an education assistant and author. I LOVE a good television show, among my favourites are Lost, Homeland, Friends, Sex and the City and True Blood. I’m also an avid nonfiction reader.

Q. I would love to visit Australia. What would you said is the best part of your country to visit?

A.  Well I believe Perth, (Western Australia) has the best beaches and coastline in the world, it’s truly beautiful, while Melbourne (Victoria) has an amazing spirit about it, joining the old and new into one city, Southbank is gorgeous.

Q.  I will make sure to write those places down for when I manage to get there. Thanks. Okay, your book, Observation City, has tales about superstitions. Are you superstitious?

A.  I think everyone is slightly superstitious whether they know it or not, and I definitely am it seems, not obsessively but slightly. I don’t put shoes on a table or counter- no umbrellas up in the house- and I throw salt over my left shoulder as well.

Q.  Please explain what a “snap” is.

A.  A snap is that part of your personality that everyone has – the part when someone is rude to you or is not courteous makes you want to ‘snap’.

An example being when you hold the door open for someone to pass through and they don’t as much as give you a nod or a wave let alone an appropriate courteous ‘thank you’ – it makes you want to snap out a sarcastic ‘You’re WELCOME!’.

Q.  From the synopsis I read, your book also has whimsical stories about phobias. Is this like a reveal all on behavioral patterns people deal with?

A.  It takes a look at certain situations people can relate to, such as when you have fallen for someone who is unattainable, the concept of being a good person, having people jump in front of you in the supermarket queue- all sorts of things. Some pieces were written from personal experience, some from friend’s experiences and others from wondering about certain concepts.

Q.  How did you come up with the idea to write this type of book?

A.  Whenever I would need to vent about something I had heard or was going through, or if a friend was having a questioning time, or if I heard something interesting from a stranger who was talking a little too loud about their lives in public – I’d start trying to make sense of it and writing about it.

Q.   I love the line in Observation City where you wrote “Whoever thought the idea of cupid to be a romantic one? If I saw a man in diapers walking toward me with a bow and arrow, I’d scream for security and run the other way!” That tells me you have a great sense of humor. Am I right?

A.  Well I hope so. Being born British, my humour can often be a bit on the sarcastic side, everyone needs a laugh in their lives as life can be so difficult, so if I am able to provide them with one through Observation City as well as hopefully help them. Then that’s an amazing achievement.

Q. You mentioned you have second novel, Shaken, coming out soon. Do you have a date set yet?

A. Not as yet but I will be keeping readers updated via my Facebook, Website and Good reads pages. It will be out in the coming months.

Q.  The theme of your new book, Shaken, will deal with emotional abuse and depression. Why write about those topics?

A.  Having had experience with both topics, I feel they are important issues to be raised. Unfortunately a lot of people are dealing with different variations of depression while an emotionally abusive situation can contribute greatly to the severity of the illness and can be an extremely confusing situation to be in.

Q.  Who is your favorite author and what makes him/her special to you?

A.  Rather than a specific author, I have favourite books. I prefer non-fiction stories although Alice Seybold, author of ‘The Lovely Bones’ is an amazing writer. She has such an amazing way of expressing heartbreaking violent incidences with beauty. ‘Girl Interrupted’ (Susanna Kaysen), ‘Eat, pray, love’ (Elizabeth Gilbert) and most recently read ‘The Flock’ (Joan Frances Casy) are among my favourites that are some of the best books I’ve read.

Q.  What was your favorite part when writing Observation City?

A.  Being able to vent by turning a subject into a humorous outlook that can be relatable to a wide audience, with a positive incantations.

Q.  You chose to self-publish. What has been the hardest part about the process?

A.  The promotion. The process doesn’t stop once you have a published title, it’s all about networking and believing in yourself to take your title to a wide audience.

Q.  If you could get to do something over in your life, what would that be?

A.  I would have probable continued to study film longer in my early twenties. Although there’s nothing I would do- over.

Q.  What advice do you have for other writers considering self-publishing?

A.  Believe in yourself and be prepared to put the hard work in.

L.M. David: Okay, thanks for stopping by and doing this interview. Now if only the locksmith would show up…

Author’s Bio:

Kerry, a naturally gifted writer is an English born, Australian author.

Having worked previously in radio, journalism and retail management she now enjoys dual roles as an education assistant and author.

Having studied film and television and being an avid reader, she enjoys autobiographies, memoirs and loves a good television show and movie.

Her first title ‘Observation City’ is a collection of witty reflections relatable to situations in life and the behaviours of the people in it, which is now available worldwide.  Her second title ‘Shaken: A story of emotional abuse and depression‘ is due for release in the coming months.

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