Believe it or not, this was found in the water of Brazil. Here’s the story behind this thing called a Trouser Snake.

The “trouser snake” Note: not a trouser, and not a snake. Or a penis for that matter.
This bizarre amphibian was found in Brazil after the Madeira River was drained to make way for a new dam. At the bottom, they found six of these strange creatures… wriggling about in the mud. Around 30 inches long, they look bizarrely like huge grey penises – or perhaps that’s just my dirty mind? Many news sources have reported this as a new discovery, but it was actually first found and described in 1968.
After study zoologists have confirmed that these were a new species of caecilian (a type of legless amphibian) with no lungs. Named Atretochoana eiselti, biologists are currently not aware of any living populations.

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