1. Did you know that the original name for Godzilla was Gojira, which was mentioned in the remake starring Matthew Broderick?

2. To adapt the movie Godzilla for American audiences, they added Raymond Burr, cast him as a hospitalized reporter who remembers the whole incident as a flashback.

3. The first Japanese sequel to Gojira was made in 1955. But when it premiered in the America in 1959, it was called Gigantis because it was illegal to use the name Godzilla.

4. In 1969 Godzilla reappeared with Minya. Minya, it turned out, was Godzilla’s son.

5. In Godzilla’s Revenge, the reptile returns to show a little kid how to fight bullies. Apparently, the boy falls asleep and dreams he travels to Monster Island, where Godzilla an his son teach him how to defend himself. So, where was this kid’s parents?

6. When Godzilla celebrated his 20th anniversary in 1974, he fought a Godzilla from outer space. Originally called Godzilla v. the Bionic Monster, the owners of the Bionic Man sued the makers of the film and the name was changed to Godzilla v. the Cosmic Monster. Anyone rush out to see that one?


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