This was on another blogger’s page. I want to get the word out about this because, to be honest, it explains the situation better than the official announcement posted here a few days ago. L.M.

Amazon’s Death Wish for the Publishing Industry

“I don’t know if you’ve heard of Amazon’s brilliant idea to create an online marketplace for used ebooks, but this isn’t a hoax. Apparently Amazon had filed an application for the patent in 2009 and just got the ok. Basically, this is how it will work. Say for instance I purchase a kindle edition of a book, when I’m done reading it I can put it back up for sale and someone else could buy it directly from me (for less money obviously) and Amazon would facilitate the transfer of files from me to the buyer and would also make some money off it. Amazon claims it’s a win-win situation because, I (who made the original purchase) get some of my money back, the buyer (who purchased from me) gets the book for a lower price and they (Amazon) get a fee for allowing the transaction. But it’s not that simple. They neglect to mention that if they finally go through with this, there will be significant loses for the Publishing Industry because quite frankly, who is ever going to purchase another ebook for its original price? No one. And can people be blamed for this? Of course not! As consumers we will always strive to get more for less.

But beyond that, I just don’t see the logic behind such an idiotic idea. Used print books are sold at lower prices because they are used and have the wear-marks to prove it. What, are your used pdf’s dog-eard or ripped? Are they highlighted and written on with permanent marker? What is the justification of an ebook being sold for a low price as a “used” ebook? It still looks the same as a new one and functions just as well. Then why would I pay more to buy exactly the same thing I could get for less?”

I really hope Amazon doesn’t go through with this because it will cause great harm to publishers.

I rest my case. What do you guys make of this?”


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