Here is a link to a review done about It Matter Radio Show. The host of this show is Monica Brinkman, a wonderful lady who gives a voice to people with unusual experiences, individuals with new books, indie authors, and new singers who are breaking out into the music industry. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to It Matters Radio broadcasts for several months and never tire of the comraderie between Monica, Ken Weene and Barbara Brown. There have been some incredible interviews with people who have suffered abusive relationships, and triumphed over that situation — to be honest, there isn’t a subject It Matters Radio seems to shy away from. And there have been instances of techical difficulties yet Monica rallied and continued the show, winging it all the way. She is truly fantastic. And there is Ona — a southern belle with really strange tales to tell, yet adorable in the same instance. I hope that It Matters Radio is here to stay for some time to come.


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